X1Charter Global Jet Charter


We Do an Analysis of Your Travel

We compare our RushSeekers Premier Charter Travel Program to your current provider?  Upload recent flight itineraries and we will develop a personal flight analysis to identify the most cost effective and convenient way to fly by private jet that meets your individual travel needs and style.

RushSeekers Premier Traveler
Exclusive Renowned Personal Concierge Service – For the Sophisticated Jet Traveler

With a fleet of over 1500 business jets available for global charter, we offer the world’s newest, most technologically advanced, largest and most diverse fleets without the restrictions typically associated with Jetcard or fractional ownership programs. The X1 RushSeekers Premier Traveler services offer the full benefit of fractional flying and the convenience of a jet card without the capital investment or the inconsistent service levels and flying experience. 

Reservation Agent, Fractionals,  and JetCard are replaced with a SmartPhone and the X1Charter App
Personal Protection for Traveling Executives and Families

As A Premier Member You are entitled to utilize our Secure X1 SPECOPS (Special Operations Systems) App for secure travel arrangements. Request Membership Details

Preferential access. Preferential rates. Complete Flexibility.

In conjunction with the RushSeekers Travel Network our X1Charter Premier Traveler program is designed for sophisticated private jet consumers who demand the highest levels of safety, service and value. 

The X1OPS Dashboard provides complete control of your RushSeekers Traveler system

The X1Charter - RushSeekers Premier Traveler program provides the most cost effective, controllable and fully flexible travel solution for important individuals, executives and corporations who fly more than 50 hours per year. Membership begins with a $100,000 deposit on account that is fully refundable at any time.

RushSeekers La Dolce Vita Lifestyle Management and Concierge Service fully integrated into X1OPS Dashboard

  • Award winning concierge service from dedicated lifestyle managers.
  • 24/7/365 personal concierge service working globally to meet your requests.
  • Lifestyle Managers in over 120 offices worldwide, speaking more than 29 languages.
  • Reservation access to the most elegant or hottest restaurants, night clubs, and events from around the world.
  • Exclusive privileges, preferential rates and La Dolce Vita lifestyle solutions.
  • Customized flight bookings and hotel itineraries handled by expert concierges.
  • Personalized service from our proactive RushSeekers Lifestyle Managers

A Superior Level of In-flight services

Besides being on private business jet, we have created a new pinnacle for the in-flight experience and introduced an entirely new level of customized services. Our world-class cabin attendants operate without limits when it comes to tailoring each and every flight to exceed your expectations.

  • X1Pax App for Individual Passenger Preferences
  • Onboard meal preparation by culinary-trained attendants
  • Seasonal and themed menus
  • Private reserve of wine and specialty items
  • Certified in corporate etiquette and onboard safety

Full Visibility of All Arrangements on X1OPS Mobile App

  • X1Charter App for Priority scheduling
  • Reduced hourly charter rates
  • Modifiable itinerary to utilize empty legs
  • Personalized service from a dedicated lifestyle and flight concierge
  • Complimentary aircraft upgrades
  • Settlement and payment processing is automatic
  • All itinerary planning, arrangements, reservations, contacts, billing and payment processing on the X1OPS Dashboard