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X1Charter InstaQuote is a RushSeekers Travel Management App

  • X1 InstaQuote will Quote all available services provided by the RushSeekers Travel Network
  • Everything can be accomplished on a SmartPhone or iPad
  • The App will be PUSHED for installation to your SmartPhone or iPad upon REQUEST FOR QUOTE

How the X1OPS system works when requesting X1Charter Quote
  • Basic Itinerary is entered with preliminaries of travel arrangements on InstaQuote.
  • Initial Quotation Rate is Generated based on Industry Standard for Category of Aircraft between City Pairs. 
    • Upon Review of Initial Rate if you determine the proposed aircraft charges are within your budget and you reply to message with YES arrangements acceptable,
    • then the Concierge will call to discuss the Class of service for ground transportation, lodging, meals and any other necessary accommodations.
  • A 2nd Tier Rate Verification Group reviews the entire itinerary for accuracy and completeness.
  • Your Profile is built with all of your preliminary preferences for future use.

    • Includes confirmation of all travel arrangements, services and amenities requested.
    • Requires Credit Card Verification of Credit Worthiness.

X1AIR Traveler Account allows you to board any one of the 1500+ X1AIR Charter Fleet Aircraft with your Itinerary and Travel Documents pre verified.

X1AOG concept of Operation

X1Charter provides Plane, Pilots, Technicians, Mechanics, Parts and we complete the mission for you with aircraft of choice.