X1Charter Global Jet Charter


Safety is X1Charter's number 1 priority.

Your private flight is in the hands of seasoned airline flight safety and aviation security industry experts. We provide a point to point analysis of your itinerary that encompasses every detail of your X1 Charter experience.

All X1pilots are trained at FlightSafety International to the Highest Possible Standards for safe aircraft operation.

  • SpecOps Security
  • IS-BAO
  • Wyvern-Wingman Approved
  • SMS
SpecOps Security

Our Philosophy is Simple: Protect the Client

  • Executive, Personal, Family and Employee Protection
  • Government Official
  • Special Delegation
  • In Country and Cross Border
  • On the Ground
  • In Transit
  • In Flight
  • Layover Lodging and Accommodations
  • Tourism
  • Special Events

Risk Management and Threat Assessment

While travelling domestically or internationally, our X1 Spec Ops (Special Operations) Travel Security service provides our clients with a complete range of standard operating procedures that will ensure your employees’, your own and your family's safety.

Pre Departure planning by risk management professionals includes an operational threat assessment of the proposed travel itinerary. As standard procedure, preventative, contingency and response implementation plans are developed to meet any risk or threat level at the itinerary destination. 

Our team of security professionals will assess the risk-level of the itenery, identify possible threats, and develop a clear surveillance and incident response protocol suiting your needs.

During the trip, we will provide on-site security and coordinate our operations with local law enforcement and emergency service providers in order to identify threats, provide guidance, and ensure that the proper emergency response is carried out, if needed. 

Our services are designed to provide you and your employees with the confidence that all of your security requirements have been met while in a foreign country.

Wyvern-Wingman Approved